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Petroleum Pipelines in Your Community

Americans consume more than 700 million gallons of petroleum products each day. Some of these products - like gasoline to drive cars, diesel fuel to power trucks, heating oil to warm our homes and businesses, and jet fuel to fly commercial and military aircraft - play a fundamental role in our every day lives.

To meet both household and industrial consumption, pipelines silently transport half of all the petroleum products shipped domestically. Pipelines provide an extensive and efficient transportation infrastructure that is virtually invisible. They are an underground transportation system which connect the nation's petroleum producing, refining and marketing areas. The use of pipelines helps keep the costs of gasoline and other petroleum products down. Pipelines are vital to our nation's economy.

With almost one-quarter million miles of petroleum pipelines across the U.S., pipelines are located in many communities. According to the Department of Transportation's accident statistics, pipelines are the safest method of transporting petroleum. They provide the most efficient means of transportation for moving large quantities of crude oil, petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum products, chemicals, natural gas, jet fuel, feedstock and other related products. Pipelines can continue to operate safely for an indefinite period of time with adequate maintenance and protection by pipeline operators and the public's cooperation.

Pipeline may be located across town, down the street, or in your backyard. If so, be assured that you can live and work in harmony with our pipeline system.

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