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safety philosophy
pipeline safety

Our employees are our most valuable resource and no phase of business is of greater importance than their personal safety. We believe that all accidents can be prevented and that safety is an integral part of everyone's job. Each level of management is responsible for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety as a value.

  • All accidents are preventable
  • Management and all employees have a primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Workplace risks can be minimized and exposures can be safeguarded
  • Effective communication is essential to achieving an accident-free workplace
  • Training employees to properly perform their jobs is essential
  • Understanding the safety policy is a must for all employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Reporting and sharing near miss incidents is a key to improving safety
  • All employees are empowered to stop any unsafe job or project
  • Recognizing safe behaviors fosters better understanding of our policies, philosophy and practices.
  • Preventing accidents is just good business
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