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Welcome to the BP US Pipelines & Logistics Operator Qualification (OQ) page for contractors. Here you will find everything you need to know about our OQ Program. BP has been involved and is committed to the ASME B31Q Standard. Through 2008, BP will be adjusting our program to align with this standard. BP uses ISNetworld to track covered tasks performed by contractors on our Jobsites.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) requires pipeline operators to develop a written qualification program to evaluate the ability of employees and contractors to perform “covered tasks” and to recognize and respond to abnormal operating conditions (AOCs) that may be encountered while performing these activities.

At BP we are dedicated to developing and applying innovation through education and empowerment.  Everything we do relies on people; no oil rig, pipeline or terminal produces ideas or drives results.

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BP's Covered Task List


OQ Communications
"Letters to Contractors":


OQ Plan Excerpts

  • Span of Control Changes

OQ Project/Field Audit Form

  • Acceptance of all
    OQSG Covered Tasks

Frequently Asked (OQ) Questions

  • Contractor Safety Forum - Houston, TX - August, 2007

Power Point

CFR Part 192 Subpart N "Qualification of Pipeline Personnel" US DOT Operator Qualifcation Home Page
CFR Part 195 Subpart G "Qualification of Pipeline Personnel" Archived Documents

BP Approved OQ Providers & Solutions

OQ Contact Information

Jim Clark - Pipeline and Terminal Operations Training Team Manager

Molly Louviere - Contractor Mgmt Specialist



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